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The AA State Legion Tournament is July 25-28, and will be hosted at Somerset Park

Wednesday July 25
1 pm - play straight through.

Thursday and Friday July 26 - 27
10 am & 12:30 pm

Saturday July 28
10 am & 12:30 pm
Championship tentatively at 6
(teams may want to start earlier)

Sabetha Chamber Annual Mixer
Monday, August 6

Sabetha Strong Competition
Saturday, August 18

Old Time Saturday Night
Saturday, August 18

2018 Rodeo Parade Registration letter for businesses and organizations

Grains for Hope Academy Application form may be found here at the bottom of the Grains for Hope Member page

Apply for Nemaha County STEP Foundation Grants

2016 Albany Halloween Hayrack Ride (pictures)

Board Minutes


Our list of current Chamber members can be found here. If you would like to become a member of the Sabetha Chamber of Commerce, you may download a form here.

Mission Statement - To advance the commercial, industrial and civic interests of the City of Sabetha, and it's surrounding trade area......and, to develop a unified public spirit in all, thereby we can endeavor to make our city more beautiful, prosperous and a better community in which to live.

Sabetha has the unique distinction of being the only city in the United States with this name. Our beginning is also unique. A young man, who was a Greek scholar, well versed in mythical lore and the Bible, had a dream of a wonderful gold mine in California. With a map in hand, he started his journey from St. main streetJoseph, Missouri with a team of oxen - one named Hercules and the other named Pelleas. Near the present site of what is now Sabetha, he met with misfortune. Pelleas died on a Sunday causing the young man to abandon his quest and stay where he was. He dug a well which he named Sabbaton, the Greek word for Sabbath, in honor of the day. Sabbaton lead to the name "Sabetha". The water from the well was exceptionally fine and became known to other travelers heading west who would stop to quench their thirst.

The first settlement on the land where Sabetha is currently located was made by Captain Arthur W. Williams in the spring of 1857. In the spring of 1858, under the township law, he premptied on half section of land, laying out the future town of Sabetha. Sabetha finally became incorporated as a city during the summer of 1874.

Little did the young man know what the future would hold for the final resting place of his faithful ox, Pelleas. Though he never found gold in California, the treasure he started continues to build.

Sabetha is a very diversified community of industry, business and agriculture. Located on Hwy. 75 between Omaha and Topeka, we have a lot to offer.

Run for the Fallen
Tuesday, June 5th, 2018

Run for the Fallen is one of the most comprehensive Fallen Military Tributes ever compiled. It blazes a tribute trail across our nation spanning 6,000 miles in over 19 States during a 5 month period. Run for the Fallen is individually recognizing nearly 20,000 fallen service members since the USS Cole. The tribute began on April 7, 2018 in Fort Irwin, CA and will complete its journey on August 5, 2018 in Arlington National Cemetary. The tribute stopped in Sabetha on June 5th with a tribute ceremony at Sabetha Cemetary, and a closing ceremony at Sabetha Library Park.

Local runners for this event included Rick Smith, Shannon Stapleton, Caleb Clock, Kurt Mueller, Melissa Detweiler, Ashley Stalder, Brianna Gruber and Steve Plattner. (click on pictures below to enlarge)



2017 Old Time Saturday Night

2017 Farm Bureau Ribbon Cutting

Farm Bureau Ribbon Cutting

2017 Sabetha Self Storage Ribbon Cutting

Sabetha Self Storage Ribbon Cutting

2017 The Vintage Butterfly Ribbon Cutting

Vintage Butterfly Ribbon Cutting

2017 Dedication of Wilbur Bestwick Field at Somerset Park

dedication 1dedication 2

Veteran's Day 2016

2016 Veterans Day

2016 Window Opening Night


2017 Christmas Decoration Contest

2016 Light Up Sabetha contest

(click here for more information)

Winners of 2016 Light Up Sabetha Contest

1st Place
Caleb & Emily Otto
121 South 16th Street

2nd Place
Glen & Toni Arnold
528 North 6th

3rd Place
Tom & Carol Nolte
1602 Sunset Circle

4th Place
Derek & Amber Deters
603 North 14th Street

City of Sabetha / Chambers Choice
Lakeside Homeowners Association
Wenger's Pond


10 Restaurants in Kansas Way Out in the Boonies But So Worth Your Drive

Buzz Cafe Buzz Cafe

Chamber to recognize Citizen of the Year and Business of the Year

2017 Citizens of the Year
Kent & Donna Saylor

2017 Citizens of the Year

2017 Business of the Year
Country Mart

2017 Business of the Year

The Sabetha Chamber criteria for recognizing an individual will be as follows:

- Nominee must reside in, work in or have a business in Sabetha (or the 66534 zip code)
- Nominee must have assisted or participated in community events, programs or services that have improved the community, helped individuals within it, or which have promoted the betterment of the City of Sabetha.
- Nominee’s contribution for which they are recognized should be a result of personal commitment and not substantially as a result of their employment (that is, the nominee strives to improve the community and help others as a result of exemplary volunteer effort, without regard to the cost or expectation of reward).
- Contributions of the nominee to the community should be “extraordinary”, that is of an unusual, outstanding or exceptional nature.
- The nominee’s contribution must be of value such that it is obvious to anyone that they are a good choice to be recognized; however, the contributions of the nominee may not be “obvious” in the sense that their actions are overtly on public display.
- The nominee should not have been recognized for their contribution(s) in other ways or by other organizations.
- The nominee should not be an elected official currently in office or known to be a candidate for elective office.

The Sabetha Chamber criteria for recognizing a business will be as follows:

(Technically this can be an award to the owners of the business or to the business entity itself depending on the kind of actions the award recognizes)

- Nominee/Business must be located in the Sabetha or the immediate vicinity (the 66534 zip code area).
- Must be a member in good standing of the Sabetha Chamber of Commerce.
- Must have been in business for at least 3 years.
- Must have demonstrated at least one of the following characteristics:

Shown exceptional growth through addition or creation of jobs
Exhibit exceptional revenue growth
Produced innovative products or services
Made significant contributions to the community (contributions thru job creation, volunteerism, philanthropy, assisting individuals or non-profit organizations, etc.) without expectation of reward or a return to the business or owners
Provided economic support and promotion of the City to the Sabetha area business community

A form for nominations can be downloaded here.


Remembering Our Fallen
Sabetha Middle School
October 11, 2015

(click on images to enlarge)