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Grains for Hope logoGrains for Hope

658 220th Street
Fairview, Kansas 66425

Contact: Carol Keim Spangler

Phone: 785-285-1261


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Grains for Hope works with youth to develop compassion, employment skills, confidence, great ideas & humility to serve.

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Starting in 2018, the Grains for Hope Foundation, 501(c)(3) has moved beyond Sabetha High School to reach out to a wider range of youth in Northeast Kansas. June 25-29, 2018, the first Grains for Hope Academy will occur in Sabetha, Kansas at the Glacial Hills Business Resource Center. Mentors will coach the teens about excellent work habits, manners, and hands on application. Grains for Hope Academy completers will be awarded certificates of success.

Planning the details for a meal packaging event in Sabetha on August 4 will be a major challenge the 14-18 year old people will tackle. The Academy participants will see to details necessary for the preplanning, publicity, follow up, packaging the 15,000 meals, storing and sharing the meals in this area. The youth will invite community members to participate in the packaging event. As the Grains for Hope Academy participants figure out the important details for the packaging event August 4, additional information will be shared through newspaper articles, social media, local advertising, and postings.

Interested? Curious? Want to be a part of the Grains for Hope Academy June 25-29? Please click on the link below to download an application for this event. Still have questions? Please contact Carol Spangler at


Grains For Hope Academy

Click here for Grains for Hope Academy Application

Grains for Hope encourages people of all ages (I told the Omaha Kids Against Hunger ages 3 - 80+ ) to come help package those 15,000 meals. I think the fact that the food will remain in the USA, and in our local area as chosen by the Grains for Hope Academy kids, (could be here, local towns, and soup kitchens in Topeka maybe--who knows, since the kids will decide in June.), will appeal to the local folks.

Also, the Academy participants will get 15 hours of community service credits in June, along with at least 5 or more hours on August 4, and maybe in between. If SHS is continuing the Distinguished Service Awards, this will be really helpful for kids to get some hours in. Academy finishers (June 25-29) will receive a certificate to add to their portfolios as they prepare for post-secondary activities, employment, or education. And, it's all paid for by donations made to Grains for Hope.